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  • "I desperately needed a neck/shoulder massage during a particularly stressful semester and a much anticipated house move. Not wanting a generic spa massage, I asked my acupuncturist in Columbia, MD if she had any massage therapists she likes to refer and she handed me Lacie’s info. It couldn’t have turned out more perfectly! I feel like as much as Lacie’s treatment was a beautifully pampering experience, it came from an equally as much preventative/ health standpoint- which is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to find someone who I could look forward to seeing just as a treat as well as feeling reassured if I need professional help with pain and Lacie’s practice is so wonderfully personalized for just that. I’m looking forward to getting gift certificates, especially for my mom and boyfriend, and booking my next appointment!" Ashley G- Catonsville, MD.

  • "Lacie Moore is the best out there!  I had a back injury that caused me a lot of pain. I went to many doctors including physical therapists, chiropractors and acupuncturists.  No one came close to relieving my pain like Lacie did.  She really understands the body from a holistic point of view.  Most others see only one aspect of what is causing pain to the body-but Lacie is able to go beyond that one dimensional perspective.  She has a true gift of healing and has the expertise, knowledge and skill to make this happen.  Due to her background she has a vast amount of knowledge of how the body works. She takes time to understand your pain and then work on relieving it.  She knows what she is doing, and not only massages you but if you request it, she can give you stretches and pointers to help you continue to heal and feel better.  I wholeheartedly recommend Lacie Moore to anyone who is dealing with pain. Thanks"- Mari W. from Catonsville

  • "I feel so lucky to have found Lacie.  She has such an intuitive sense that she goes right to the sore spots without your needing to tell her where they are.  I felt like the Hunchback of Notre Dame when I first came to her—my neck and shoulders were so seized up.  She managed to loosen up all the stuck places and get me moving better starting with my first visit.  And, Lacie has a very calm and wise presence that puts me at ease immediately."-Virginia from Columbia

  • "If you have ANY type of muscle or headache pain, Lacie is the person to help you. Her technique and skill set is considerable  which helps to provide relief from any type of pain or injury.   Lacie is so kind and caring. I never leave without making my next appointment so I can look forward to another relaxing and healing session." ~Judy

  • "I would recommend Lacie as a massage therapist with the highest ratings!  Her pleasant demeanor is welcoming.  When I visit with her, it is always very relaxing.  What I enjoy the most is that she listens to my requests and can focus my session around this.  She adjusts very well to the needs of her clients.  I have seen Lacie for regular relaxation and also for neck pain.  I could not be happier to reap the benefits of her services!" ~  Kristie M.

  •  "Lacie has done an incredible job helping me with a very sore shoulder. Lacie always asks how the shoulder responded after the last session to see if there might be something that she needs to change for this session, and during the session she always makes sure that her level of pressure is not to soft or hard. I always feel so much looser when I leave then when I walked in.  Lacie is professional, spends time with you and has a great attitude." ~Nancy Coufos

  • "I went to Lacie seeking general wellness treatment and relaxation, as well as specific issues in my neck, shoulders, and abdomen. I left feeling not only relaxed, but also nourished. I especially appreciate how thoughtfully Lacie tended to my body's particular needs." ~P.G.

  • "Lacie's professionalism and personal attention to making you feel comfortable is great. She really tries to listen to her client's concerns regarding what is ailing them. I highly recommend her!" ~ Baron R.

  • "After waking up with severe neck pain and stiffness I placed an urgent call to Lacie. She was so understanding of the pain I was in and was very responsive in setting up an appointment. By the end of the visit I was able to rotate my neck freely and the pain was greatly reduced. I have continued to schedule appointments with Lacie and recommend her services to everyone!" ~ Kari V.

  • "Lacie did an incredible job working on my quite challenging muscular situation. She understood the medical issues and really worked through some tight muscles. It made a huge difference for me. Thanks Lacie"  ~ Amanda Poppei

  • "I have only had a massage twice in my life and both times from Lacie.  I wouldn't get a massage from anyone else.  I trust her because she's not only a massage therapist but a physical therapist assistant as well.  At my last visit she did trigger point therapy that loosened my muscles and released all my tension that I didn't even know I had.  I would highly recommend her to anyone considering getting a massage." ~ SML

  • "Thanks so much for all the help you gave my friend. She said her arm and shoulder were killing her until she went to you for massage....and then POOF! The pain and soreness was completely gone! It's the same as you did for me. My shoulder is so much more free since you worked on it. I really need you on speed dial, filed under Miracle Worker....THANK YOU!" ~Susan Schneider

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